Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Beautiful Kate

Here are some of the latest photos from our (Greyline Creative and myself) glamour photo shoot. You too can be beautiful and capture your beauty forever. Book a session today!

Monday, February 4, 2013

1920's Photo Shoot Inspired by Downton Abbey

Update: Click here to view the rest of the images from the shoot.

This look was inspired by Mary Crawley from Downton Abbey.  The model Shayla was perfect for the part, elegant and graceful. This was actually the first really successful finger wave that I have done. I found a wonderful tutorial by Tara Harman.

At first I tried this with just regular hair gel, but that didn't work. The key is to use the gel she uses in the video, Clear Ice. After I set the hair in clips I dried the hair under under my vintage hair dryer.

For the makeup, I lightened her eyebrows with a bit of glue stick and concealer. I then drew on a thin line above the brow that pointed down at the end. The 20's brow is much more of a soft curve than an arch. The 20's look also concentrates the shadow in the inner corners of the eye and underneath the eye. The lips are angular with an exaggerated cupid's bow and narrowed on the ends.

Finger waves set with clips.

Finger waves set with clips, pin curls on the ends.

Set with a dryer.
Smokey eyes using a purple shadow brings out Shayla's brown eyes.
Final look with the angular lip before brushing out the hair. Photo by Greyline Creative.

Final look after brushing out the hair. It's a bit softer. The lips are softer here also.
Photo by Greyline Creative.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Fayetteville High School Deca Fashion Show

I was asked by Black Cherry Vintage to do hair and makeup for a local fashion show put together by the Fayetteville High School Deca club. It was crazy and fun. I had a very beautiful model which always make it easier. She had lots of hair so we went with a Brigitte Bardot/Malibu Barbie look. I also got to use my new makeup case, which I love! It's compact, but can hold a lot of stuff.

For the hair, I used a curling iron to create standup pin curls all over her head. This was to create some waves. I then sectioned off her bangs and use a hair rat to create the giant pouf on top. I just folded the hair rat in half, pinned it to her crown and then swept the hair over it. This saves a lot of time ratting. I left her bangs down.

For the makeup I wanted to add a pop of color to go with her outfit. I chose a sea foam green eyeshadow from my Make Up For Ever Flash Palette. I swept this over her lid and then added pink eyeshadow to the crease. I gave her some stronger eyebrows with an Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil. She had actually already put the false eyelashes on herself so I didn't have to. I then finished it up with a bright pink lip that was a combination of different colors.

Outside of my new SHANY cosmetic case. Of course it's pink.
Inside of my new SHANY Cosmetic Case
My beautiful model before hair.

Brigette Bardot Hair
Malibu Barbie makeup

Hair from the back