Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Behind the Scenes of a Concept Shoot

Greyline Creative and I are at it again. This time we are doing some portfolio work. It is a series inspired by the seasons. This particular shoot was all about Summer.

I bought some new Sleek palettes and they were perfect for this shoot. The particular palette that I used is the acid color palette. The colors are very saturated and blend easily. I used a MAC 217 to do the blending. Before I applied the makeup to the model, I practiced on myself. I knew that I wanted to use a pink/orange/yellow color scheme to mimic the feel of summer.

Acid Sleek palette (top) My practice session (bottom)

I started by applying an eyeshadow primer (Urban Decay). I then put down a base of white eye shadow to make the color brighter. I put a thick coat of orange (4th color on top row) all over my eye lid and blended it up into the crease. I then blended light hot pink (3rd color on bottom row) in the outer corner of the eye. I also added the orange and pink under the eye. I then blended the darker pink (1st on top row) even further out in the corner. I also added the bright yellow to the inner corner of the eye and underneath the eye inside. Finally, I added a bit of black in a v-shape to the outer corner of the eye to add dimension. It ended up looking purple instead of black which was nice.

My makeup arsenal

Glitter lip tattoos provide a strong beautiful glitter lip. Feels a bit weird and are not easy to apply.
I used gold on just the bottom lip for the shoot.

You can see the gold bottom lip here and the same eyeshadow treatment as above.

I curled the hair as I usually do, with a wand and stand up pin curls to give it body and wave.

The Shoot

Casey, the photographer, had the idea that she wanted to weave the models hair into a fence to create a romantic, whimsical composition. We knew we wanted flower to be a large part of the image and decided on orange and pink snapdragons, hydrangea and eucalyptus. We got a great deal on flowers from Casey's friend Julie from Jule's Design, an amazing flower designer.

The corset was one that I created for my Seven Deadly Sins fashion show. I'm glad that I was able to use it again.

The set up against a fence with flowers weaved around the model.

Another view of the shoot.

The Final Shot

Here is the final shot after all of that work. I think it turned out wonderfully. It always helps to have a beautiful model.

You can see the gold bottom lip here.

A close up of the makeup, without the gold lip. You can really see the eyeshadow gradient.

The full shot with the beautiful flowers.