Thursday, September 13, 2012

Swirl Bangs

If you are looking for a quick retro look without having to use a curling iron, here is an easy do that I call the "Swirl Bangs."

1. Section off the font of your hair and put the rest in a ponytail. 
2. Take that section, pull it straight up and give it a little tease.

3. Start at the tip and make a pin curl. 
4. Roll it down toward your head and secure with a few bobby pins.

The final result is a large swirl that stands up like a little pompadour. 
Don't forget to spray the hell out of it with hairspray.


  1. I do something similar, much like Imelda May's bangs. But I have such trouble with hiding the bobby pins. Everything you read says 'make sure you hide the bobby pins'. My question is....How???

  2. Put them in from the back to start. Then once it's secured from the back, carefully stick one or two inside the swirl from the front. If you tease it first and smooth it, you shouldn't need more than a few pins.

    Thanks for the comment!