Friday, October 12, 2012

Hair Dryer & Quick Pin Curls

I just wanted to share that I bought this awesome hair dryer at the Flying Dog. I haven't used it yet, but I'm super stoked about it.

Beauty Salon hair dryer.

I also wanted to share that I just found the best combination for pin curls that last that only takes about 20 min.

I used my sculpture pin curler tool and then my Topstyler clam shells. The sculpture pin curler tool allowed me to get tight, even curls and the clam shells heated and cooled them quickly to give the same results as if I had slept on them overnight!


  1. So cool looking. How do you get under it? Is it on the table and you sit on the floor?
    Also, how much was it? Can't wait to see your action shots of this.

  2. It sits on a table and you just sit under it in a chair. It was only $17 at my local vintage resell shop. I've seen several of them around. This is one of those items that you really have to want to use otherwise it will just sit in a corner, but I couldn't pass it up because I love anything that is vintage beauty related.

    Thanks for looking and for the comment. I'll post some more soon.