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Holiday Hair and Make Up Fun

This tutorial was inspired by looks from the 1950's and 60's. The make up was inspired from the 60's, a time when a dark eyeshadow crease was popular. To create this look, here are the tools that I used. You can use any brand of make up. You will need something to make your skin flawless, like a foundation and concealer, a cream eye shadow, a brown shadow and a black shadow. Some brushes to apply the make up including an eyeliner brush, and a blending brush along with an eyebrow brush to fill in the brows. You will also need false eyelashes and glue, some mascara, liquid eyeliner and some blush and nude or red lipstick, depending on the look you're trying to achieve.

As always, start with a fresh face that is well moisturized. I use a primer to even out the skin, but it's not necessary. On top of the primer I apply my foundation. There are many ways to apply foundation and I do it differently depending on the day. Today I dabbed it all over my face and them blended it in with my foundation brush.

I then applied concealer under my eyes and an eye shadow primer to my eyelids. Eye shadow primer keeps the shadow from creasing and helps it last longer.

I then filled in my eyebrows with a brown wax using an angled brush. You can use brown eye shadow or a brow pencil. Be sure to make a strong brow with a nice arch. The arch should start just outside of the pupil and extend down so if you were to hold a pencil as if were an extension of your lower lid it would line up with the end of your brow.

Next, I covered the entire eye lid in a cream colored shadow from the lid to the brow. Then used an angled brush and a dark brown shadow to draw a crease line just above my natural crease.

I then used the same crease brush and slowly pulled the shadow up to keep a crisp line on bottom, but blended on top. I then added more shadow using a smaller brush and kept blending, adding more and more shadow in small increments. I also blended using a blending brush and the cream shadow on the brow bone, which also creates a nice highlight.

I then used my angle brush with a black shadow and drew over my line to create dimension. I softly blended the black up into the brown. A little black goes a long way.

Next I blocked in where the eyeliner would go. I'm using liquid eyeliner, which can be very messy, so in order to know exactly where to apply it, I first created a line with the dark brown shadow. Once it was the correct shape for the look I was going for, I went over it with the liquid eyeliner.

For this particular look I wanted the angle to be very sharp. I drew a line at the same angle as my bottom lid and extended it out almost to the brow. I then brought the line back in from the top in a straight line from the outer corner to just inside the pupil. This creates a strong cat eye look. Curl your lashes if you need to and apply a light coat of mascara.

Next, it is time for the false eyelashes. I find the easiest way to apply the glue is to squeeze some onto your hand and then use the wrong end of a brush to apply it to the strip. This allows you to control how much you apply. You just need a little even coating. Let the glue dry for a few minutes before applying so it will get tacky. Then you just carefully lay the lashes across your real lashes and push it down so that it touches as close to your lash line as possible. Then apply a nice coat of mascara to your lashes again to help blend the real ones in with the fake ones. Also apply mascara to your bottom lashes.

For the rest of the face, I like to do some contouring to bring out the cheekbones, so I apply a bronzer to the hollows of my cheeks.

I also applied a bright pink blush to the apples of my cheeks.

Finally, since I have such strong eyes, and I am going for a 60's look, I applied a nude lip liner and a nude lip shade. Make Up For Ever has a line of Aqua lip colors that are waterproof. They are wonderful. You apply your lipstick once and it stays all day.

Now it's time for Hair!!!! I am going to show you how to do two different hair styles. The first one is inspired by a style I saw on Mad Men and the second is a more traditional 1950's look with bumper bangs and victory rolls. They both require the use of a hair rat, also known as a bun form. I bought mine a Sally's Beauty Supply. It's just a mesh tube that you roll in your hair to make fuller buns, bumper bangs, etc. But first, I almost always start a retro hair style by curling sections with a large curling iron and then pin curling each section and letting it cool to create lots of volume. I also tease each section a little at the root to add volume.

Once the curls have cooled, take it down carefully and brush out with your fingers. I started this particular style by sectioning off the bangs and the sections on top of each ear and created a pony tail on top of my head.

I then took my hair rat (bun form) and rolled it down underneath my pony.

Once I reach my crown, I created an arch and secured each end to my head with bobby pins and then pulled each side over the ears back and secured behind the ponytail. I also smoothed my bangs to the side and finished the end with a pin curl.

Finally I topped it off with a tiny tiara! And here was my inspiration for this look.

The second hair style is the bumper bangs and victory rolls. Start by making a u-shaped part in your bangs. Then take your hair rat under your bangs and pull it to the end and roll under until you reach your forehead. Make sure to keep it tight.

Then spread the hair out evenly across the roll and bend the ends up and under and secure with bobby pins on each side.

Then take a section of hair from above the ears and pull straight out. start a pin curl at the end and roll in until you reach your head.

Pull the roll next to the end of the bangs and secure from behind with bobby pins to hide them. Smooth the hair from the victory roll into the bangs. Here is the final look! If your feeling really saucy, change that nude lip into a red one. Put on a fancy dress and wow them at your holiday party.

Here are some photos with vintage inspired dresses from one of my favorite stores, Pin Up Girl Clothing.

You can add a ribbon to the hair.

Or even a lovely Fascinator (vintage style hat).

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