Friday, August 17, 2012

A Change of Pace

I created the woman on the right in Photoshop by combining different women's "assets" that people find appealing in our culture today. I also created an updated version of "My Little Pony" on the left. These are both comments on the warped way the world sees women and the obsession with the oversexualization of even the most innocent of images, e.g. slutty Disney Halloween costumes.

And whenever I create a digital imagery like this I always feel the need to raise it to a higher level artistically by turning them into a paintings. As a designer I struggle with how to display something that is digital and wonder where things like this fit into the world of art.

Would they be better as paintings or does being digital suffice?
Updated Version of My Little Pony  |  My version of the 2012 ideal woman according to popular culture.

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