Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vintage Explosion

I'm not sure what is fueling the vintage craze right now, but it seems like vintage boutiques are popping up everywhere. Here is a list of some places in Fayetteville that you can find vintage clothes:

Grey Dog
Vintage Violet
Black Cherry Vintage
Mayapple Salon & Boutique
Trunk Factory
Cheap Thrills (The OG of the bunch)
Emily Smith on Etsy (her stuff is also sold at Mayapple)

If you have lived in Fayetteville a long time you might remember we used to have a vintage store called Decades, in the old UARK bowl building, and a great one called Experienced Denim. They were wonderful stores and I miss them.  

A lot of these stores specialize in a style that I can only describe as something that is a mix between 80's vintage and prairie girl chic. Lots of floral patterns, bright colors, short shorts, mixing and matching of different decades, etc. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on it, I think there is something to be said for taking the vintage and making it modern, but I am just more of a fan of the traditional vintage look.

My personal favorite place to buy vintage inspired clothes is online at Pinup Girl Clothing. They are not authentic vintage, they are vintage reproductions, which as anyone with curves knows, it's almost impossible to find real vintage clothes that fit. You can also buy reproductions and authentic vintage clothes online at at Mod Cloth.

For the real do-it-yourself ladies, you can buy sewing patterns from Vogue that are vintage inspired.  That way you can choose your own fabrics and make sure they fit like a glove.

Vintage Vogue Pattern

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