Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Another Attempt at Pin Curls

I wanted to give the pin curl another try so I spent an hour last night pin curling my hair.  I have a new respect for my grandmother and the fact that she did this every night before she went to bed. I used Lotta Body and a much more sheer scarf around my head than the one I used on Buffie.  This helped with drying.  And after lots, and I mean lots of brushing with a bristle brush, here is the final result.  I think grandma Collins would be proud.

The result of pin curls and lots of brushing.


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Did you do the pin curl while your hair was damp or wet? I have VERY thick hair and can not do it with wet hair and it be dry over night. I also can't seem to get those gorgeous wave/curls. I think I need to brush more but I start thinking I've ruined it half way thru.

  2. I set it with Lotta Body setting lotion while it was wet and then wore a sheer scarf over it to sleep. You may invest in a bonnet hair dryer. That speeds up the process. And yes, you have to brush a lot. Keep brushing until you have smooth waves and make sure you brush with a soft bristle brush and brush against your hand.

    Thanks for the comment.