Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Water for Elephants Project: Hair & Makeup

I did some research about the hair and makeup created for the movie before I started this process.  I found a video tutorial created by the actual makeup artist and used the same techniques to create my look.  I also collected images of the hair from the movie and other styles from women in the 1930's.  I used Lotta Body setting lotion to make the finger waves and pin curls.  I had never used that product before, but it worked really well and I would recommend it to anyone trying to achieve the same style. I also used the book Vintage Hairstyling as a guide for the finger waves and the pin curls.

After the Lotta Body was diluted with water and generously applied,
clips were used to hold the finger waves in place until they dried.

After the finger waves were created, I made pin curls all around the head, concentrating
them at the nape of the neck.

After the hair was set, I wrapped it in a bandanna to protect the hair while Buffie slept.
I did the hair the night before to give it time to dry.

I created a smokey line along the lashes with a black eyeshadow, then applied the shade
gunmetal (last on the right) to the eyelid. I applied the color virgin to the brow bone and added a
dab of white to the middle of the eyelid to create dimension.  I also added individual false eyelashes
to the outer corner of the eyes and rounded and extended the eyebrows to give it that 30's look.

This is how the hair looked when I let out the pin curls and brushed through.  I then used
bobby pins to give the hair a bobbed look.  You can see the final hair style in the photo shoot photos.

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