Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Makeup Staples

I thought I would share the things that I use almost everyday to make myself up.  I have a lot of makeup, much of it I only use on special occasions, but here is a list of items that I find that I cannot go without on any given day.

  • My favorite foundation: Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation
    I apply this with a brush and buff it into the skin.  It provides good coverage, but is still very light.  They also have a good color selection.  I'm #117 which is very light, with a yellow undertone.
  • My favorite powder: Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder
    This powder is white and goes on colorless.  It is so fine that it floats in the air like silica and you almost feel like you aren't putting any on your face.  It only takes a little and lasts forever. It does a good job of keeping the shiny face at bay while still allowing your natural skin to show through.
  • My favorite mascara: Benefit Cosmetics BADgal Lash Mascara
    I love the fat wand and the rich, black color.  It makes your lashes big and sexy.
  • My favorite eye shadow palette: Urban Decay Naked Palette
    This palette offers a great selection of neutral colors.  It also offers a selection of matte and shimmery colors too.  Some of the matte colors also work great for contouring.  My favorite is the color Virgin.  It is the lightest color in the bunch and I use it as a highlighter for the brow bone.
  • My favorite blush: Tarte Cheek Stain
    I used a different color of the same brand for years, but it was discontinued.  I find that the color Flush offers a very natural, healthy, rosy cheek.  I also like the consistency of the product because it isn't a powder.  It keeps your face looking dewy and fresh and it blends well.
  • My favorite lip product: Urban Decay Lip Junkie Lipgloss
    I actually got a sample of this when I bought something else from Sephora and it had me hooked.  I knew I needed to buy the full size when I found myself squeezing the trial size for the last drop.  I am not a fan of a bold lip because I usually put the emphasis on the eyes.  The color Midnight Cowboy is a shimmery nude sparkle that cools your lips when you apply it.  It also claims to plump, but I'm not sure that any lip products actually do that.  It does feel nice an tingly though.
I am also obsessed with eyebrows and use a Laura Mercier brow wax, but it isn't sold at Sephora anymore, at least not online. Eyebrows are something that I feel very strongly about. The most beautiful woman can go horribly wrong if her eyebrows are bad.  In fact, that might be the next thing I write about...the proper way to shape your brows.  Stay tuned...

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